The idea of staying in a beautiful coastal state like Kerala is indeed an amazing experience though you can make it all the more charming. Resorts maybe high on luxury but they deprive you of the privilege to really feel the pulse of a place. Unusual accommodations in Kerala give you a chance to not just enjoy a comfortable stay but observe this coastal land closely.
By ditching the regular hotels and embracing unique accommodations in Kerala, you get to explore new and interesting things here. This not just enhances and enriches your experience but also creates a certain level of intimacy with the place. You get to truly enjoy the breath-taking scenery, peaceful backwaters and sandy beaches this way.Here are some offbeat stays in Kerala you can try out on your next visit.

Offbeat Accommodations In Kerala


1. Tree House Stay in Wayanad

Kerala is famous for its lush greenery and natural beauty. You can make the most of its picturesque beauty by living amidst it if you opt for this unusual accommodation in Kerala. Imagine staying in a tree house that is set high above the lush canopy of the rainforest. What could be more amazing then living like tribal people, in huts made of bamboo wall and thatched roofs. You would also have the added benefit of all the modern luxuries living in the lush greens of Wayanad. This way instead of stepping out of concrete rooms to explore nature, you would rather be right in the heart of it.


2. Floating Cottages in Poovar

What better way to truly enjoy a coastal land than to ditch land altogetherand live on the water. These offbeat accommodations in Kerala not only make your stay memorable but make you wish that you never have to leave. Imagine living right on the emerald backwaters surrounded by lush green plantation and coconut groves. The spectacular view that you would find yourself waking up to is more than enough reason to stay in one of the floating cottages of Poovar. Also, the sunset from these cottages is something worth seeing.


3. Luxury Houseboats in Alleppey

The backwaters of Kerala are a delightful experience for those who visit this place. It gets all the more exciting if you choose for unusual stays in Kerala. Luxury houseboats in Alleppey allow you to experience the quaint water bodies of this coastal land in a more intimate way. You get to cruise the backwaters of Kerala and spend ample amount of time in the ravishing beauty that surrounds it. One feels closer to the serene nature and can completely immerse their heart and soul in the calm environment of Alleppey.



4. Island Stay in Kollam

All of us have often wished or dream of having an island of our own, a place we can escape to. This offbeat accommodation in Kerala gives you a chance to just do that. Imagine living in a surrounding where there is absolute privacy, serene backwaters, swaying palm trees and birds chirping. You can experience all this if you chose to live on an island of your own near the charming town of Kollam, You would have certainly never experienced a stay like this before.


5. Private Pool Resorts

If you are looking for unique stays in Kerala then why not go for a tranquil mountain retreat. The private pool villas in Munnar are a perfect mixture of luxury and natural beauty. You get to experience all the wonderful amenities and at the same time scenic mountains, forest, and the valley around. This is a great way to experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of Kerala and all its scintillating beauty.


6. Luxury Tents in Kodanad

In case you plan to ditch resorts altogether then this unusual accommodation in Kerala is perfect for you. It gives you a chance to tap into the true pulse of the place where you get to camp in nature and still enjoy all the luxuries a resort can offer. You get to enjoy activities like kayaking, cycling, walking and birding, and also enjoy the true ethnic taste of local cuisines. The ambiance and experience that awaits you at the luxury tents at Kodanadare unlike any.

7. Bungalow in a Tea Estate

If you are looking for an escape in the quaint coastal land of Kerala then book your stay in a bungalow in the tea estate in Wayanad. This offbeat accommodation in Kerala is possibly one of the most enriching experiences ever. These colonial guest houses that are situated amidst beautiful greenery offer immense calm and serenity. Surrounded by pristine tea plantations, they overlook tropical forests and green hills and have the most enchanting view ever.

8. Farm Stays in Alleppey

In case you are looking for a true blue Kerala experience then this unique accommodation in Kerala is the perfect choice for you. Farm stays are based on a homestay concept and offers you a very homely experience. It allows you to truly understand the culture, tradition,and way of life of Kerala and its people. You also get to enjoy a lot of privacy on such kind of unique accommodation. Farm stays in Kerala offers a serene and picturesque environment that will make your stay all the more pleasant.

There is always something new waiting to be explored in the state of Kerala. There is a lot to experience in terms of natural beauty, heritage, culture and architectural glory. In case you are looking for amazing packages for a tour to Kerala or any other destination in India, then get in touch with The Travel Planners for the best offers.