16 Things Munnar Is Most Famous For

Munnar is very famous mountain resort in India and it is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Kerala because of its cool climate and the beautiful landscape make sensational sceneries which are feast to eyes . There are some places raise the frequency of vibrations and Munnar is one such tourist place that brings bliss for the travellers. There are many activities and sightseeings a traveller can do in Munnar for their Munnar honeymoon tour and we have listed 16 interesting things a tourist can do in Munnar. Munnar is a minimum 02 night stay destination and duration can be extended up to 10 or even more days. The information about the places of interest and activities that a tourist can undertake as part of their honeymoon package of family vacation helps to choose the right sightseeing and experiences that are not to be missed.

16 Interesting places and activities in Munnar are as follows

1. Tea Gardens

Amazing scenery – clouds running over hills sometimes rainy and greenery all over that’s the beauty of tea garden.

Munnar – breathtakingly beautiful – a haven of peace and tranquility – the idyllic tourist destination in God’s own country.
Vast expansive green fields, with clouds overhanging above, or the lush green during sunshine, it is a spectacular definitely worth seeing and visiting.

Munnar Tea Gardens


2. Top Station

Top Station Munnar

Eravikulam National Park is administered by the Kerala Department of Forest and wildlife , Munnar wildlife Division wich also runs the nearby Mathilakam Shola National Park , Anamudi Shola National Park…
You can enjoy the beauty of tea gardens and landscape during bus ride, trek to top of the mountain and on the way, if lucky, get a glimpse of NilgiriThar !

This place falls on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and so it offers a clear view of the panoramic Western Ghats…


3. Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park

iravikulam national park munnar

… Breathtaking view of Munnar Tea Gardens , Wild goat is main attraction to the view of Eravikulam National Park…

4. Kalari Kshethra

Excellent display of traditional Kerala Martial Arts and Kathakali dance

5. Anamudi Peak

anamudi peak

We came across this massive hill range (biggest in Southern India) while exploring the Eravikulam National Park and h…

This place is very famous for trekking expedition
Highest peak in the South India… Awesome views from the top… Cool breeze, passing clouds through the hill and mist , really great experience…

6. Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam

Speed boat was good and the boat driver will give u occational twists while going to increase your adrenaline ??

Its a place where you can hangout with… Relax place..refresh.. Cool.. Enjoy boating, horse riding, shopping…
Mattupetty Dam is an amazing place with beautiful scenery.The dam is a beautiful picnic spot.There is also boating facility.

7. Thoovanam Falls

Away from the main road located inside Chinnar wildlife sanctuary.

It is a good treat for your eyes water falling from above is mermersing.
Completely virgin falls, a trek of 3km is required to reach the spot so it is preferable to pick a early morning time.

8. Kundala Dam Lake

It’s a beautiful dam site with lush green mountains overlooking the water body in which you can just have a great time in the pedal boats or motorised boats that are available there.
Walking towards the centre of the bridge can get you better pictures of the place as right at the centre there are no grills making it a beautiful spot for enjoying the scenic view in case you are not boating , since we had some kids along some of us chose to stay back and enjoy the view from there as well.

Beautiful place to be , won’t take much of a time
You can wrap everything in about and hour and half.
… water body in which you can just have a great time in the pedal boats or motorised boats that are available there.

9. Rose Gardens

rose garden munnar

Trekking is one the leisure activities at hill stations. Trekking along the thickets though the rugged narrow path feasting the eyes with magnificent view of the tea plantation, rivulets, sprawling mountain range blanketed by mists is an adventure to be experienced. Munnar gives ample trekking options to enthusiastic guests. Jeap Safari Jeap Safari Enlarge Jeep Safaris is an interesting activity in Munnar. Wildlife is part of the forest life and Munnar is a house to many animals including the endangered species Nilgiri Thar, a mountain goat species. Wildlife sighting in Jeep safaris is one of the great attractions at Munnar. Nilgiri Langurs, sambhar, gaur, elephant and lion tailed macaques can also be seen at Munnar. Pine and Eucalyptus plantation visit Pine and Eucalyptus plantation visit Pine and Eucalyptus plantation visit PreviousimageEnlargeNext image A visit to the Pine and Eucalyptus plantation is a refreshing experience. The refreshing aroma from the Eucalyptus trees relaxes the mind. A wide spread of Pine trees towering the towards the sky is a sight to behold. Angling for the elusive rainbow trout Go angling in the pristine jungle brooks for the rainbow trout which is a much sought after sport of many adventure lovers. Bird and sky watching Are you a bird watcher then pack your camera and set your travel plans to Munnar. Around 120 species can be sighted at Munnar.
Excellent property with so many beautiful flowers, specially varieties of roses.

10. Kannan devan Tea museum

Kannan devan Tea museum

This Kannan devan Tea museum is an outstanding place for those who have interest on history of tea plantation over Munnar and Nilgiries..the Video documentary explaining awesomely the history and the present- all the activity by KDHP organisation, the antique decorated other rooms with detail history give an excellent encounter of Munnar tea history. The tea leaves processing demo is excellent to make you understand how tea leaver are get processed. The counter also sells excellent superfine quality of tea. A must visit for every tourist at Munnar.

11. Attukal Waterfalls

Attukal Waterfalls

As I saw this during monsoon season the falls presented a great sight .are so enjoyed on there.such a beautiful place is that.This place is so quiet and calm.And we are so happy on there.

12. Lock Heart Gap

As others rightly pointed out its a nice view /drive through a road with tea gardens all around.
The rolling Mist, the picturesque tea gardens of Harrison’s, the men and women plucking tea leaves, the cool climate leaves a refreshing memory of your visit.

13. Photo Point

Photo Point Munnar

This is an excellent place to take photos with beautiful tea garden and the other colourful tress on the back.

14. Chokramudi Peak

Chokramudi Peak Munnar

You can reach the base camp with a private vehicle too.
Also, you may spot some NilgiriTahrs if you are lucky.

This is the best place to visit if you love nature, greenery and some adventure.

15. Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Just short of club Mahindra on the way from Munnar it is refreshing to see water gushing down the hills surrounded by tea gardens I would let the pictures explain the beauty of the waterfall
Beautiful a must visit place to see and visit while in munnar.

The origin of this beautiful waterfall, surrounded by green mountain ranges, is from the River Devikulam.

16. C.S.I Christ Church

C.S.I Christ Church Munnar

The ‘Taj Mahal of Munnar”- This church built in 1910 reminds us of the British era.. its culture and customs.. The burial Tomb or ‘Eleanor Isabel May’ reminds us of the romantic tale of Munnar.
CSI Christ Church is over a century old church famous for its religious & historic significance and its gothic style architecture.

The CSI Christ church in Munnar is more than 100 years old and is worth visit.